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3828 – First look at the rooftop patio, Airbnb unit + Lander Group moves in

3828 – First look at the rooftop patio, Airbnb unit + Lander Group moves in

Winter may surely be under foot a little bit longer. But let’s look forward to headier days to be spent on the spectacular rooftop patio at the all-new 3828. The sky-view outdoor space, connected by glass wall to the community room will be a welcome host to leisurely lounging and springtime grilling. It is one of the thoughtful details bringing liveable indoor and outdoor spaces to this first phase of a greater neighborhood hub.

Stop by to experience 3828 for yourself. To schedule an appointment, please schedule an appointment online or call a leasing representative directly at 612-361-9881.


Have friends and family coming to stay? Try 3828’s Airbnb!

3828’s latest amenity is the newly opened Airbnb unit in the building, aimed at providing beautiful and flexible accommodation to those visiting the neighborhood. Check out the link here – try it yourself, or consider it your “spare room” to put up friends and family.



The Lander Group Calls 3828 Home

Lander Group – designer, developer, and placemaker of 38th Street Station (among many other beloved Minneapolis developments) – is itself calling 3828 home. Opened in February, part of 3828’s street-level commercial space serves as the company’s corporate offices. “We’re excited about being part of 38th Street Station and are committed to making this a thriving place to live and work,” said founder Michael Lander.

(Literally) paint the town at the new 38th Street Station

(Literally) paint the town at the new 38th Street Station

Aiming to help transform the blocks around 38th and Hiawatha into the Twin Cities’ next great neighborhood hub, the developers of 38th Street Station have issued a call to the community. “We know that the new places we love most build on community input, and reflect the context and character of the neighborhood. We hope the local residents will be excited to lend their ideas and their creativity to create a truly great place,” said Michael Lander of Lander Group Urban Placemaking.

3828, the first phase 38th Street Station’s vision, opened February 1st to new residents. It will also host Lander Group’s offices, moving over from 38th and Nicollet, another corner they’ve helped to revitalize.

Root for your favorites – Lander Group is hoping the neighborhood will speak up for what they want to see in the 2000 square feet of ground floor commercial space yet to be leased. The spaces are now part of the “In Like a Lion” campaign run on Hoodstarter, in partnership with the City of Minneapolis. The Hoodstarter website gives people the chance to post ideas and vote on the types of businesses and uses for empty space in their neighborhood. Local City Council Member Andrew Johnson has encouraged people to log on and vote.

Feeling creative? The Standish-Ericsson Neighborhood Association (SENA) is working with GoodSpace Murals to coordinate a community designed- and painted mural alongside one of the new buildings at 38th Street Station. They’ll host Community Design and Paint days over the course of 2018. Sign up to learn more and get involved.

38th Street Station will energize, activate, and connect people in ways that all great places do – with thoughtful, well-designed spaces to live, work, meet and celebrate, walk beneath trees, sit outside, and easily access the city’s other great places.

38th Street Station is a multi-phase re-development plan executed by Lander Group Urban Placemaking along the 38th Street Corridor in Minneapolis, adjacent to the 38th Street Light Rail Station. Featuring over 200 rental apartments and 25,000 sf of commercial space, alongside a comprehensively-planned and active public realm, new bus station and new city street.

Phase 1 – 3828, at 3806 28th Ave S. – comprised of 53 apartments and 3000 sf retail, opened February 2018 and is now actively leasing.

Lander Group Urban Placemaking

Lander Group has been dedicated to making great places for over 35 years. Lander Group plans and builds residential and mixed-use infill projects in traditional neighborhoods – livable, thriving places for people. They do this through integrated implementation that connects community values to development projects, demonstrates good design, and leads by example. Lander Group has a strong local track record and a host of local, regional and national awards recognizing its work.

GoodSpace Murals

GoodSpace Murals is a Minneapolis-based mural and arts consulting studio run by Greta McLain and Candida Gonzalez. We are an arts team who promote community development through the creation of works of art. We use art to share the unique expression and interests of a community. We reclaim the stories and identity within public spaces by involving the community through socially relevant themes of inclusion, shared interests and engagement in high quality art-making. Most importantly, we use the process of making a mural to teach about the significance of free expression and the power of the visual voice!


Hoodstarter is a platform that helps community members share their thoughts, hopes, and vision for the spaces around them that they care about most. Spaces that could be as simple as one vacant storefront or a mall, or more abstract things like neighborhoods or cities.

We collect those thoughts on our site, use social media to encourage participation, and help folks like those in the room use that data to find great tenants the community supports and to help move past roadblocks that often come up.


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